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About Sara Cuen

About Journey 2 Learning

Take a minute to learn more about Journey 2 Learning and our founder, Sara Cuen. Contact us if you have any questions.

Decades of Valuable Experience

Sara is proud to have earned degrees that directly benefit her tutoring work, including a Master's Degree in Special Education from San Jose State University and a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development, also from San Jose State University. She is also certified as a Barton Reading and Spelling tutor.
Throughout the 20 years of her professional life, Sara has worked with children with ADHD, autism, and other special needs, allowing her to develop strategies to support every individual child effectively. She is known for her compassion, knowledge, and patience, as well as being a natural helper—she has always put others first!

Sara Cuen

Looking Out for the Next Generation

Sara is the mother of two beautiful children, both of whom have dyslexia. Although Sara has worked with children with special needs for years, she was inspired by her children to found Journey 2 Learning. By offering a tutoring service, Sara is able to make a real, tangible difference in the life of amazing young people.

Decrease Stress, Increase Confidence

As a tutor, Sara makes it clear to her students that she understands the anxiety associated with not being able to read and write at the same level as their peers. She also stresses that she is here to help these young people achieve their goals and exceed in all areas of reading and writing. With these skills under their belt, your child will go through their school day with significantly less stress and noticeably more confidence!