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Dyslexia Tutoring Services

Children do not outgrow dyslexia. However, current research shows that multisensory instruction results in the most favourable outcomes for students with dyslexia. The Barton Reading and Spelling System is one such program approved by the California Department of Education.

Reading & Spelling

The ability to read and write effectively and efficiently impacts nearly every facet of our daily life. For young people with dyslexia, these tasks involve an added level of stress. We're here to support children with dyslexia—from the ages of 5 to14—who struggle with these skills. Our experienced reading and writing tutor will help your child develop strategies and techniques to make these tasks enjoyable, rewarding, and beneficial. Before a session, you can count on us to thoroughly prepare for the lesson. And during each session, we commit our full time and dedication to your child.

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Flexible Scheduling

Between work, school, and extracurricular activities, your family is busy! Count on us for flexible scheduling. We'll work with you to find a tutoring time that complements your busy lifestyle.

During our free initial consultation, we'll discuss your child's specific needs and then determine the frequency of our scheduled tutoring sessions. Studies have shown that a minimum of two visits a week is recommended. Our sessions last for 55 minutes. Contact us today for more information.

Putting Your Child First

We understand the importance of a controlled learning environment. It's important to us that your child is learning in a location where they feel safe and ready to learn. This is precisely why we offer our services at home, at school, or in a public location such as a library. Alternatively, we offer our services via video chat if that is more convenient for your family.

To ensure continuity of care, we'll also work and collaborate with your child's educators and instructors. We ensure that everyone involved in your child's education is on the same page. Depend on us to be an informational resource about dyslexia.