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Empower teens to embrace fear as an unlikely (and highly valuable) friend

Introducing Fear's Got Nothing On You

When you ask teens what fear is preventing them from doing, their responses include:

  • Being their truest selves
  • Using their voice to stand up for themselves and others
  • Enjoying the positive aspects of social media due to comparison and fear of rejection
  • Taking action and putting themselves out there, like trying out for a sports team or attending a dance or social event
  • Asking for the support and help they need

These fears are keeping our kids from saying yes to the things that really matter to them and no to the things that don’t feel right to them.

Fear is keeping our teens stuck, limited, and powerless.

It’s time to empower our teens with the truth about fear and give them an elevated understanding that empowers and supports them as they reach for their limitless potential.

Fear is not a stop sign.

Fear is a blueprint for their growth and best selves.

How do they get there? By understanding the evolutionary and biological origins of fear and learning how to love it and diffuse it, thus training themselves to have a different response.

In other words, in the presence of fear, they RISE UP.

Fear's Got Nothing On You is a workshop that teaches teens how to embrace fear and safely leave their comfort zone.


During this workshop, teens will learn the following life skills:

  • How to understand the critical difference between fear and danger
  • How to recognize fear
  • How to love their fear
  • How to acclimate their nervous system using proven breathing techniques so they can dance with fear
  • How to identify all of the things they aren’t doing because they are afraid…and then make a different choice

This workshop has middle school and high school versions to accommodate different developmental stages. It is ideal for schools, clubs, sports teams, church groups, or any other place teenagers gather.

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About the instructor

Hi, I’m Sara.

Like you, I’m invested in the long-term success of teens.

As a learning specialist, youth mindset coach, and parent, I know firsthand how the pressures of school, peer relationships, family, and finances can add up for a teen, impacting their daily lives.

And as a mom of teenagers, I notice the unique challenges our kids are facing–challenges we didn’t have at their age–and have become a passionate advocate for their generation.

As an instructor and parent, I’ve devoted my time and energy to finding the best tools and techniques to equip our kids to thrive amidst today’s pressures and be the truest versions of themselves. This workshop is the result of that effort.

Here’s more about me…

Our teens deserve to understand the depth and breadth of their inner, personal power. This workshop is the start of that journey.

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