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High School Students

Imagine a future for your student where they learn NOW what you wish you knew at their age

It’s possible. But first…

the problem

We need to shift focus away from traditional academic standards of success

And toward the mindset skills students NEED

It’s no secret that society is focused on providing students with the foundational academic skills they need to get into a good college. This is good, but…

…what about the life skills they need to truly thrive?

Because let’s be honest—how many of us in adulthood cite our academic achievements as among our top tools for thriving? We don’t. Instead, we look to our inner self-worth and ability to overcome limiting beliefs.

These tools like self-worth come from empowered mindsets. Learning the skills of an empowered mindset at an early age can save years of “unlearning” down the road, and yet they’re commonly overlooked.


Your student deserves a future that looks forward, not backward with regret

What if students had the tools, resources and guidance they needed to feel:

  • Whole
  • Worthy
  • Empowered
  • Courageous
  • Loved
  • Deeply connected to themselves

And what if they could attain these things NOW—not waiting until they are 40+ years old and need to undo years of programming, unconscious beliefs, disempowering thoughts, disconnection with self and striving for validation from the outside world.

This training, and what it offers for long-term quality of life, would be priceless. That’s why I’m passionate about helping your student get it NOW.


Introducing empowerment mindset coaching for adults, educators and youth

Developing an empowerment mindset does not come naturally. In fact, our natural biology is hardwired to reinforce the WRONG mindset, not the right one. But when we take the time to learn and understand how we’re fundamentally wired, and how to harness that knowledge, we can set an entirely new course toward our full potential.

This process of understanding happens best through coaching.

Coaching Service At-A-Glance

For Schools & Educators

Teachers have arguably the most important job on the planet: to educate our future. But with this responsibility and pressure, plus lack of time and resources, they need support.

By implementing a mindset program school-wide with me, administrators and staff will find that support. They’ll see an increase in student morale, more positive social media usage, a decrease in anxiety and stress in connection with grades and testing, a reduction in bullying and peer pressure, and healthy relationship conflict resolution.

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For Clubs & Associations

Beef up your camp, club or association with much-needed (and parent-requested) mindfulness training customized to fit within your programs.

Incorporated within your scheduled programming or as an “after-hours” add-on, my training in mindfulness techniques is proven to decrease stress, increase attention to self and surroundings, aid social and emotional skills, and create more empowered students.

This training is especially ideal for summer programs when students aren’t bogged down with tests and homework and are open to new ideas and concepts.

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For Individuals and Groups

Coaching provides students a safe, confidential place to learn tools, share their struggles and achievements, and gain the confidence they need to tap into their full potential.

Through my coaching, students become aware of what mindset is and how it influences their day-to-day lives as well as their long-term paths. By encouraging them to deeply reflect on their thought patterns and behaviors, we take the first steps toward realizing their full potential and fulfilling lives. Through proven practices and on-demand tools, students learn to build positive new thought patterns and develop skills to protect and grow their mental health.

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The journey toward full potential starts with science

We’ve learned a lot about how the brain works to fuel (or undermine) success over the past few decades. And yet a lot of this powerful knowledge isn’t being passed down to the group with the greatest potential to use it for long-term success.

That’s right—I’m talking about youth.

Let’s change that! Through coaching, students learn:

  • What neuroscientists have learned about the brain and how it’s hardwired to respond to fear
  • How to take this knowledge and use it to train the mind to react in new and empowering ways by using fear as an ally instead of an enemy
  • How to think for themselves, make good decisions and stand up for themselves and others in the midst of peer pressure
  • How to develop lasting self-esteem and powerful self-confidence
  • How to create their vision, achieve their goals & manifest their dreams
  • How to embrace fear, mistakes, failure and change

When students learn these things, they become young people who:

  • Dare bravely
  • Go after their goals
  • Advocate for the underdog
  • Believe in themselves
  • Stand up for themselves
  • Know their worth
  • Know they’re lovable no matter what
  • Know how to deal with discomfort
  • Know how to create safety in their body when their mind is telling them they are not safe
  • Learn from past mistakes and avoid ruminating on them and let them define who they are.

Sounds pretty good, right? Get started in one easy step: a conversation with me.

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Hi, I’m Sara.

Like you, I’m invested in the long-term success of teens.

As a learning specialist, youth mindset coach, and parent, I know firsthand how the pressures of school, peer relationships, family, and finances can add up for a student, impacting their daily lives.

And as a mom of teenagers, I notice the unique challenges our students are facing–challenges we didn’t have at their age–and have become a passionate advocate for their generation.

As an instructor and parent, I’ve devoted my time and energy to finding the best tools and techniques to equip our students to thrive amidst today’s pressures and be the truest versions of themselves. 

Here’s more about me

How do I know if mindset coaching is right for my student?

I know you have a lot of options when it comes to resources and help for your student. Here’s how to know if mindset coaching will be a good fit:

Mindset coaching is for your student if they are:

  • Struggling with necessary coping skills
  • Letting fear hold them back from their potential
  • Bogged down by stress and insecurities
  • Perseverating over decisions instead of being active and goal-oriented

If you or your student can relate to this list, let’s talk. NOW is the time for a change.

We don’t need to wait until the bad patterns and disempowering thoughts have been engrained after years of false beliefs. Give your student the gift you didn’t have by helping them to build the foundation of an empowered mindset now while they are open, less tainted, less congested, less clogged, less exposed, and less bogged down.

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